Monday, 19 April 2010

So Long Jim!

Well, all good things come to an end and this Sunday the Urban Unitarians of Hampstead were sorry to see our good minister Rev. Jim Robinson give us his final sermon. Personally, I am very grateful for the day Jim met me when I walked into the LDPA's meeting, having heard about it due to my short visit to the Reading Unitarian Fellowship. This was during a difficult episode of my life when I was living in Henley-on-Thames. I had a feeling that somehow, when I got out there and made it to London, Rosslyn Hill would be the place where I would go. Thanks to Kate and Jana's efforts we now have some of Jim's addresses to keep for posterity. However, for me the final words of wisdom I will try and remember will be the ones he used on the Palm Sunday sermon: "Love in the personal sphere is called compassion, love in the public sphere is called justice, love in the religious sphere is called God".
Posted by Scott
(PS- For those of you who missed Sunday, the link is to a setting of Randall Thompson's arrangement of Frosts "Choose Something Like A Star")