Tuesday, 21 May 2013

It is what it is...

The photo is from a film I have probably seen too many times! The reason being is that one of my best friends got married last Saturday. At the end of the order of service they printed this poem by Erich Fried:

It is madness
says reason
It is what it is
says love
It is unhappiness
says caution
It is nothing but pain
says fear
It has no future
says insight
It is what it is
says love
It is ridiculous
says pride
It is foolish
says caution
It is impossible
says experience
It is what it is
says love.”

My gang of friends from university are as mixed a bunch as can be imagined. Some of them happen to be gay. No one would appreciate me getting too political about this, but it seems timely to be celebrating my friend's wedding the week before the marriage equality bill is passing through parliament. I hope the legislation passes and that if in time my gay friends want  to get married they have the right to do so. That way at least there's more champagne for us refuseniks on "Table 9"!
While we are on the subject, great to see Unitarians get a mention in this video by Stephen Fry.